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Come hang out with us we’ve got our REVAMPED SKATE RAMP, pool table, games (yeah like card games or video games), ping pong, and cool people just waiting to ask you indepth questions about super hero super powers.

The Youth Centre Drop In sessions with FREE Starbucks baked goods every

Fri 3:30-11pm & Sat 6-10pm! $3 Dollar Dinners. Like mom & dad makes, only better!Check our Facebook for details.

ANNUAL TURKEY DINNER!!!  Come get into the season, wear your best festive sweater, eat turkey, and fight over gifts!



BUILD A BEETLE BOT- WHISTLER ARTS COUNCIL presents on Sunday Nov. 2, 1-4:30pm 

Bettle Bot



This is a really simple way to win some cool stuff. (We LOVE prizes and free stuff here at the YC, in case you haven’t noticed) Basically, all you have to do is nominate a buddy for an awesome act and put it in a box at your school. Acts of awesome are variable and can include holding a friends hand while his mom pulls out a splinter, helping a slug across the valley trail safely, mastering the art of painting with your tongue or just about anything that falls under the category of awesome.

Contest boxes are found in the Multipurpose Room at WSS and the High School Humanities Room at the Waldorf.

Random Acts of Awesome flat


This really awesome chick named Maeve is offering FREE yoga. Think yoga is for hippies and girls in tight pants contorting themselves into ridiculous poses? Well, you are half right, cos yoga is for everyone. Yoga has shown to improve flexibility, balance, core strength, reduce stress, increase lung capacity, increase creativity and make you more awesome- ok, that last one we just added in there, but you should seriously try it! If you are really not into it, you don’t have to participate but you could have a convo with Maeve about dinosaurs- she knows a lot!!

Bring a signed photo release form and you can win- yup, sweet prizes! October 17th at the YC. 430-530pm. Absolutely FREE!

Teen Yoga with Maeve-new


This is one of our signature events, basically, we get all the local grocery stores and some hotels on board and they cook enough turkey and all the fix ins for everyone, we are talking a dinner for like, 70 people here. It wouldn’t be a YC event without some free stuff so naturally we give out some pretty hilarious gifts- also because it is Christmassy.

This year’s dinner is on December 12th, at the YC.



Fall Art and Design Classes at Millenium Place

Every Wed Evening-4-6pm, Oct 8th-Nov 12th 2014 Cost: $144

Sign up for Whistler Arts Council, Animation Drawing Art Class!

YOUTH_Vollie_Poster pptx


The Last Saturday of EVERY MONTH! Go swimming will ya. YOUTH SWIM2 (reduced size) - Copy


On another water note. Wanna go surfing? Let us know. Because so do we.

Serf is up.

In feudal times, a serf was someone who was broke but did all the fun stuff in life, like dancing and arm-wrestling.  In today’s world, serfs are much the same, except they have better teeth because of flossing and Crest whitening strips.  A lot of these modern, toothsome serfs live in a place on the west coast of Vancouver Island called Tofino, which is famous for its dense foliage and its wavy water.  You should come on a trip with us to Tofino, and we’ll observe all the serfs in their natural environment and maybe even take notes and draw sketches!  This intense examination of the serf culture is known as serfing, and it’s a furiously unforgettable thing to do with a group of friends, while wearing protective gear.

So, for our sake, spread the word and, for your sake, keep your ear to the ground for the opportunity to partake in this annual event-colossus:  The Tofino Serf Trip. 

More details are inevitable.


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